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Preventing Thermal Heat Stress: Creating Resilient Projects with Future Climate Data and AI Analysis




Afternoon Session

About the Course

When conducting traditional microclimate studies, we have relied on decades of wind tunnel test and CFD simulation data to create safe, optimized, and comfortable buildings. But what if our climate over the next 50 years looks radically different from the last 50? What if those expected microclimate conditions are not what we will truly experience due to climate change? How can we be certain that our designs will stand the test of time?


Orbital Stack is an AI and CFD web-based software solution that allows for the realization of a variety of climate-conscious, high-performance developments through comprehensive microclimate analysis. This workshop is an exclusive exploration of our latest development before it hits the market: the addition of future climate data in our outdoor thermal comfort simulations. This first-of-its kind simulation offering models best- and worst-case scenarios based on anticipated climate change over the next 100 years and allows for the comparison to traditional past data models.


Join this workshop to explore the new feature, test several real projects to determine the impact of the changing climate, and contribute to a new era of microclimate analysis.


Your Instructor

Jan Bergstrom

Jan Bergstrom

In Person

TeamWorking by TechNexus, North Upper Wacker Drive, Chicago, IL, USA

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