IFC.js: BIM+GIS Application


Morning Session

Web Workshop

IFC.js: BIM+GIS Application

The purpose of this workshop is to learn the basics of IFC.js to create a BIM-GIS application using JavaScript, HTML and CSS, demonstrating the power of existing open source technologies. Participants will be able to use various free and open software development technologies with which professional software can be created and published. Technologies include: VS Code (IDE for writing code), Node (for JavaScript package management), Git (for version control), Github (for free code publishing). Some concepts of Three.js, the most widely used 3D JavaScript library, will also be covered. The format will be a step-by-step tutorial where the teacher will go through the entire application explaining everything from scratch. The context of this workshop is the exploration of BIM software development as a possible new business branch of current and new companies in the sector, as well as a new and interesting career path for individuals. During the progress of the workshop we will also actively discuss the current state of open source software in the BIM software industry, and the false open source vs. closed source debate. Moving away from the romantic view of the individual software developer who can make a change in the industry, we will talk about how the coordinated and sustainable efforts of individuals, communities and companies can make the technology accessible and generate more competitors in this market, having a positive impact for the end user.


Your Instructor

Open-Source, JavaScript, 3D, IFC


  • We will only use freely available and open-source software

  • VS Code

  • Chrome

  • Node

Antonio González Viegas

Antonio González Viegas


  • Previous experience with web languages (HTML, CSS, JavaScript) is highly encouraged, though not required.

  • Any MacOS, Windows or Linux PC would be suitable for this workshop.

  • Participants will be asked to download the following free software as well as a pre-packaged folder with required code libraries: VS Code (https://code.visualstudio.com/), Chrome and Node (https://nodejs.org/en/).

  • Participants may also wish to sign up for a github.com account beforehand.

Antonio González Viegas


Zoom Invite


9 am to 12:00 pm CT