NFT and Metaverse for AEC Crash Course


Full Day

In Person Workshop

NFT and Metaverse for AEC Crash Course


  • The participants will develop a high level understanding about blockchain, smart contracts, its sustainability and consensus mechanism along with potential use cases in the AEC industry.

  • The workshop will cover basics of NFT, ERC 721 smart contract, Metamask wallet creation and IPFS decentralized file storage leading to minting their first NFT hands on tutorial.

  • The participants will learn about various metaverses with a deep dive in Monaverse where they will learn to create and host their first Metaverse space.


Your Instructor

web3, blockchain, nft, metaverse, aectech


  • Web Browser

  • Metamask Extension (link)

  • Unity

Mayur Mistry

Mayur Mistry


  • Personal laptop

  • Participants will be required to have a 3d model in gltf file format which they will be using to mint their NFT and in their space designed in the metaverse.

Mayur Mistry


1010 N Ashland Ave #3928, Chicago, IL 60622, USA


9 am to 5 pm CT